Jaco / July 13, 2021

This provides real-time location based access to thousands of dining and lifestyle offers to consumers. 

The technology integrates credit card spending with merchant offers automatically and seamlessly.  It delivers benefits to everyone: the consumers, the banks and the merchants providing the offers. Initially focused at the UAE region, the technology will be rapidly extended to other sectors and geographic regions.

Initially, this launched with HSBC, which means all HSBC customer in the UAE will have seamless access to their offers. Other banks will come online as soon as agreements are in place. The company is also building its own portfolio of offers to reach out to even more consumers.

The first stage of the app is available on both Apple and Android app stores.

The company is now developing a revolutionary payment technology which will provide seamless payments through the app, with no need for credit card machines.  

The Numbers

We are raising $1.5m at a Pre-Money valuation of $13.5m.  The company is targeting an Exit within 3 years based on a valuation of $250m, this represents a 17x return for the investors!  Minimum investment is just $25k

We can provide a detailed investor presentation with more details.

This is a fantastic opportunity for investors who really want an early stage opportunity 

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