NeoBank Investment Opportunity

Jaco / July 13, 2021

Have a look at this amazing FinTech opportunity.
– The first neobank opportunity of its kind in Singapore.
– The first neobank opportunity of is kind in South East Asia. 
– The future of banking – a neobank that is so portable in that it can be linked to any major bank anywhere in the world.  

The concept of neobanking is well established in Europe and the US.  We are all familiar with virtual banks such as Revolut, Starling, Monzo.  But neobanking is not yet readily available in Asia.  

This will be “first to market” providing an investment opportunity that will be ahead of anything else to come in years to come.  This is a rapid growth company in the FinTech space, which has enormous potential.


A debt card and app-based “mobile first” consumer financial service.  This offers “Wealthcare”, addressing consumer wealth in a holistic way via in-app functions that promote smarter spending, better budgeting and sustainable savings.  These functions are core to financial wellness and address money issues / fears in direct but easy and convenient manner.  It enables users to spend less, save more and grow their wealth faster, without sacrificing the things they love.

Initially focused at the SE Asia market starting with Singapore.  This will then rapidly deploy in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand …  In each new geo-location, it will link to a major national bank providing virtual banking to a demographic of the populations (20-40year olds) who do not require traditional Branch banking.

The Numbers
We will be raising USD 2.7m at a pre-money valuation of USD 25m.  The company will be targeting an Exit within 3years at a valuation of USD 250m.  This represents a 10x return to investors.

The app is available on both Apple and Android app stores.

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